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Biodiversity Impact Assessment Workshops

We give workshops on what Biodiversity Impact Assessments are, how they are conducted and how they contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in Singapore. 

We walk you through what EIAs are, how they are conducted in Singapore as well as the methodology involved in an EIA.


To end off, we will demonstrate how we use different matrices to assess potential impacts of urban development, and explain the measures we can take to offset these impacts.

Guided nature walks with binoculars and photography

Guided Walks & Biodiversity Surveys

We lead guided walks into Singapore's nature reserves and forests to educate the public about Singapore's biodiversity and how to survey them. 

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Habitat Long-Term Monitoring

We guide communities (schools, NGOs, community gardens) on how to assess the ecological health of their community spaces.

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Environmental Education


Speaking Engagements


Biodiversity Friends Forum Gan Sylvia EIA Consultant

Outreach Partners

Nature Society Singapore Zoom meeting
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Nature Society Singapore (Youth Branch)

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home

CPG Corporation

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